I’ll just leave this here. enjoy.

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Hello? I heard this was a place to worship the awesomeness that is the Doph! Can I stay?

Of course! Happy late-Valentine’s Day!

did this blog die? :(

I wouldn’t say it died, we’ve just gone on a very long hiatus. We’re waiting for Book 3 to confirm that The Duke is in fact Lin’s father.

Book 3 IS Lin-centric/Earth Kingdom-centric, after all.

Everyone, feel free to submit fanfics/art, though! Every time is a good time to submit.

Hi! Love the blog :D also just a question. I was going thru the blog and found a post u made a while back about maybe going to ship Tokka. Do u still feel that way? I ship both!

Thank you!

Well, here’s the thing.

Say you have a barbecue going on, right? Labor Day, all the family’s together. There’s burgers. You’ve got your cheeseburgers — that’s The Doph — and your hamburgers — that’s Tokka. Now, clearly, the better option is the cheeseburgers. They’re better prepared, taste better, make you happier. Of course, that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the hamburger, but we prefer the cheeseburger. Gotta’ love them cheeseburgers.

I need more smexy The Doph fan art.

We ALL need more smexy The Doph fan art! Anyone willing to submit some? We’re always open to submissions here!

I am now a HUGE The Doph shipper.

Thank you for joining us. We hope you enjoy your stay.

I'm really missing all the Doph-y feels so I'm thinking about reading a fanfic? Recommend any?

I don’t know of any, and haven’t seen my colleagues in a while, so I have no idea. Anyone of our lovely followers have a source of good The Doph fanfics?

Me and my baby brother were watching A:TLA and I managed to bring him to the light! The Doph is the Way! More sailors for this ship! WOOHOO!

Looks like he finally found

the way.

So I've named my cars after my favorite ship. My first car was a green Volvo station wagon, misted over headlights, and everyone underestimated her immense power, obviously she was my Toph, my first car and my lovey. My second, current, car is a green volkswagon jetta, teeny tiny and adorable, but also pretty darn tough. He is my cutie pie The Duke <4

10/10, this deserves a helmet full of honor-puke.

That’s a thing now. We give it to people who commit exceptional acts of The Way.

Is anyone still running this fantastic blog? This is totally my OTP but there haven't been any updates in forever! This is my #1 blog favorite! Please don't let it die out!

Still here, still awaiting the big would-be canon moment!