We are now at the second day of The Doph Week! We’ve only had a few submission so far, but they are all seriously amazing! I believe it was Spruce who said The Doph fan labor is few in number, but great in quality (or something to that effect). It’s good to know The Dophers are still so awesome and dedicated to our beloved ship.

To open up today’s activity, here’s a The Doph theme-related meme for you to fill up:

Toph and The Duke are camping in the forest. 

1. Who sets up camp? Makes the fire? Cooks the meals?

2. Who is the first to fall asleep at night?

3. What would they do to pass time?

4. A wild forest creature attacks. What do they do to defend themselves?

5. If they made up a camp song, what would it sound like?


2 years ago